Kite Kits by Wind Things
Each kite kit includes the following:                
       1 precut sled kite sail made from recycled plastic (23"wide x 17"tall)
       2 precut kite spars (1/8" dowels)
       50 feet of kite string hand wound on a cardboard  holder
       Plastic tape for kite tail material

Also included in each order are the following:
       Kite Safety Rules
       Sled Kite Diagram
       Kite assembly instruction booklet

Cost of the kits are $1.25 each plus shipping.  Minimum order is 25 kites.
When someone tells you to "go fly a kite!", come to us.  We have affordable, easy to build, guaranteed to fly*,
kite kits.  Once you have the kits, you only need 1" wide masking tape, scissors and a ruler to build your kite.  
They can be decorated with permanent felt-tip markers.
To fly your kite, you only need a large open space
and some wind.
* As long as the kite is assembled properly

The kite kits are ideal for schools, scouts, church youth groups or any type of organization who wants to build
and fly a kite.
 Our customers range in age from 6 years old to 82 years old.
Welcome to Wind Things